One Drop YoYos Official News


New Benchmarks!


The local newspaper paid a visit into our shop and wrote up an awesome article about the yo-yo business!

(yoyobro!) #1603



Ah, third round of titanium…


More details soon …


Colored hub Cabals in stock now.


Confused on the numbering of these. The card says there are 8 green, however I see well over 8 in the photo.

(Big D) #1608

1/8th of 400 yoyos are green. So 50 green were produced


Oohhh, cause I was thinking the same thing.


This math is correct.


I wish my teacher would say that about my Chem test calculations.


I see now, they are odds, not production runs. Darn.

I thought the card indicated you could receive 1 of 8 red or 1 of 80 titanium, etc. That kind a changes things for me.


Yeah that would be very different … and have a much higher retail price …


Just means One Drop eventually needs to do for titanium what it did for aluminum.

I, for one, welcome our titanium overlords. Bring on the Ti1 (M1 like yoyo in titanium). ;D


This is why I decided against trying to buy one. (Emphasis on TRYING)


Why? Was it the lack of control over the color you got?

I find that it promotes trading in the community. The green was cool and all but I would have rather gotten a different one. Someone else really wanted a green so we struck up a trade and soon I will have a Galaxy Explorer Marquis in my possession. Win win for everyone involved. :slight_smile:


[size=10pt][size=10pt]Don’t try this at home…[/size][/size]



Have you guys thought about making those cupstack side effects I suggested a couple of years ago at the One Drop forums? They would be shaped like concave little bowls that your finger would sit in for finger spins.

I just had another idea for an RSM (Rotating Side Member) replacement. Make a side effect that looks like a bearing post so we can attach our own A size bearings, o-rings, and caps to make our own hubstacks. Just a thought.


BOTH of these ideas are brilliant…now if only the powers that be would listen! :-\


The problem with finger spin Side Effects is that they are dangerous. The gap between the outer edge of the cup and the rim hurts you if you finger falls in there. The solution to that is to make it bigger but then it just weighs too much.

Same with RSMs - just weight too much.