One Drop YoYos Official News


Wow nice pickup. Someone in my backyard, another Illinois thrower!
I go out to Dekalb/NIU at least once every other week. Guess ill have to keep my eye out for him.

Awesome tricks, and again congrats! ;D


Drew is in DeKalb? I work in Sycamore (pretty much DeKalb).


I’m out in Crystal lake. So DeKalb/Sycamore is like an hour drive for me lol.
He had on a NIU hoodie so I can only assume he’s there for school. AaronW, didn’t know you lived out there.
So many throwers close by. :slight_smile:


I’m just sayin’



I’m pretty sure this is the year that OneDrop will be getting all of my money. With the Cabal, Top Deck, Kuntosh, Prescription, and who knows what else is in the pipeline.

I wonder if they have a direct deposit program ;D


7075 Aluminum, Made in the USA, and Only $79.  Get your wallets ready and set an alarm for 10AM Tomorrow.

(yoyobro!) #1587

Drew is a really cool guy, just met him at IL State today, an amazing thrower and amazing guy, good job OneDrop!


Kuntosh now available!


Loving those colorways and half/half combinations!


I was saving up for some carbon bike wheels, but this one might be a necessary purchase for me. Been waiting a long time for this


Have you guys ever thought about doing a Spin Top?


Yup! Not the kind with a string and stuff, but a table top one you spin with your fingers.


That… would… be… AWESOME!! :smiley:


Is there a release date yet for the Cabal Delrin yoyo? I had the Bird in Hand Silk way back in the day & loved the feel of that thing (even if the vibe was terrible). Would love to pick up your new Delrin throw.


June 24th! My experience with Delrin has been similar, usually pretty heavy vibe. I played the Cabal proto a few months back and was blown away by how smooth it was compared to other Delrin throws I own (including other brand new Delrin YoYos).


The Cabal’s I’ve played are all totally smooth, as you’d expect from a One Drop yoyo. The Silk was a great delrin yoyo, but the Cabal is light-years ahead in terms of playability, stability, and spin time. If you haven’t played one yet, you’re in for a treat.


Exactly what JRod said, absolutely no vibe in my Cabal. Smoothest plastic yoyo I’ve ever played!


Mine is silky smooth and an amazing player.


Hey One drop, Lets work together to make a bi-metal Vanguard. :slight_smile: just a thought.