One Drop YoYos Official News


Thank you for the kind words and the support :slight_smile:


I feel the same way. It’s dangerous because they’re only about a half hour from my work. I’m going in on Monday to pick up a couple new throws.


2 minutes of Dang? That’ll do… that’ll do nicely. ;D

Man if I lived that close… I’d go straight from work to OD HQ each day, paycheque in hand. I’d be poor and homeless, but man I’d have one heck of a collection. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m diggin all that slack. I gotta watch that again.


Sigh, 7075 onedrops are the bomb, and considering i have both previous models, valor and C (that i had to trade for)… I’m going to have to get this somehow, but i probably will not be able to because im saving up for my own run of yoyos… Sigh, the hard choices…

(The Yo mast3r) #1566

When’s the topdeck gonna get released?





Really soon. They are getting laser engraved at the moment so we are close :slight_smile:


My Topdeck has become my daily throw. It always seems to be the first I reach for. I may need to pick up another… :wink:

Is there a timeline on the Cabal yet?


One Drop has so much going on right now. Looking forward to this years releases from you guys, my wallets not looking forward to it, but I am!


On my recent visit to OD I picked up a few throws and tried some new stuff. I read someone say that the Top Deck played like a Citizen, and I concur, surprisingly similar feel, Top Deck is incredible. Also played a prototype of the Chabal, best Delrin I’ve played, can’t wait to pick one up! I also picked up a Vanguard, a Gauntlet, a Rebirth, and a Cascade to add to my OD collection. Love them all, with the Rebirth in particular getting tons of play time. As Aaron said, GREAT things coming out of OD!

If anyone wants to see the little edit I threw together of drone footage I grabbed at the shop follow this link:
I just kind of wanted to showcase the area surrounding the new shop location, I love that area of Eugene! Thanks again to everyone at OD for their hospitality, seriously such an amazing experience visiting and hanging out with those dudes!

(major_seventh) #1573

Woah Paul Dang has gotten really good. Such a good style.


Awesome video man! You should get that up on youtube. :smiley:

Hyped for the Topdeck, so very hyped. Going to combine a Topdeck, Gauntlet and Cascade order once it drops to save on shipping, so hopefully they’ll all be in stock at the same time.

refreshes OD’s instagram page


Such a cool video, southbound280. Thanks for sharing!


I originally was just planning on throwing it onto social media platforms, but I just can’t seem to get the clarity of the video to come through over FB, Instagram, or in that Dropbox link. Here’s the YouTube video:

It definitely could be done better, the footage was shot pretty quick and I had YoYos on my mind lol, should have focused on smooth flying a little more. Anyways, hopefully people will dig it!

P.S. Gambit I’m a huge fan, your new video is AMAZING.


Will there be any splash runs of the Top Deck in the nearish future?


It’s tough to do in 7075 but we are going to try :slight_smile:


Thanks, da5id!


There are many factors that go into choosing players for our team. The most important thing is that we have good people - and by good we mean good hearts and souls. People that will cherish those moments with you at a contest. People that will go out of their way to help you learn a trick. People who are just human and full of life.

Our latest addition, Drew Mrowiec-Barnhart, is the embodiment of this ideal. His passion for yo-yoing and living reaches far beyond the stratosphere. We are blessed to have the opportunity to stand by his side as he continues his yo-yoing journey.

Welcome aboard Drew!