One Drop YoYos Official News


Hey there. We are in process of making solid green. Probably call them “The Terrarian” Terrarian since the one in the game is solid green.

I’m not sure yet if any of our players who have one will be there yet …


my eyes were melting after the waterfalls anyway and then you give me mr mark montgomery…gotta go find my eyes as they popped out…ok …this got gross really quickly


MM video was slick.

Those weird loosey-goosey moments where it looks like there’s too much slack and everything tightens up just right. The end of the last trick at the 2 minute mark… “What?!” Indeed.


That’s my favorite part of his style. I was asking him about it and he said it’s absolutely intentional …


That “What?” is my favourite too…it’s my favourite coz i resonated with that emotion…like…WHAAT!!!


Those look really nice, can’t wait to pick up the Delrin.


You guys are crazy.

I’ve had the chance to play the Topdeck prototype extensively for more than a week now and I’m really just blown away. The play characteristics on this are similar to the Citizen, but at less than a third of the cost, apparently. If I hadn’t been told it was 7075 aluminum I would have guessed from the sound and play that it was titanium. Less than $100 for a made in USA yoyo that plays like a titanium? That’s ludicrous.


Well now you gone dun it. Must to have Topdeck…


I have a couple of questions for the one drop crew
-Is the topdeck blasted?
-When will we see that new finish you guys mentioned(the black bead one)
-How old is Markmont exactly? He looks 21…but that cant be correct…


Aye… that’ll do it. I’ll take 10. gets out wallet


Did you guys ever use that “unnamed” new finish? I have a feeling it was used with the Rebirth…


We’re working with our anodizer to figure out the new burnished finish. It looks amazing when it leaves the shop but since the first step in anodizing is etching, the reflectivity gets mute enough to look too similar to Pyramatte…

(InvaderDust) #1553

I am on the TopDeck Hype Train! WHOOO WOOOO!!!

Will TopDeck have side effects?


My understanding is that it will not. It’s taking its cue more from the Valor… 7075, no SEs.

(InvaderDust) #1555

awww, thats kinda a sad panda moment for me but I am a sucker for a good 7075. Im still looking forward to seeing more.


This is correct.


I just want a classic “Paul Dang short combo set to the sound of heavy machinery” teaser video so we can hear that sweet 7075 ring. ;D

(InvaderDust) #1558

seeing those pice reminded me, Ive seen those pics. I knew they didnt have SE’s. /facepalm

i was still drinking coffee…


Not such a short teaser combo, but here’s my freestyle from the weekend sporting the TopDeck!


I feel like my collection needs every single announced One Drop yoyo releasing this year. The TopDeck sounds like a new flagship, the Gauntlet reminds me of a SPYY Orbitron with a more modern O shape which is a really good place to be, and I absolutely need any plastic coming from One Drop – especially a delrin! And more.