One Drop YoYos Official News


Got to see David packing up the Top Decks to be shipped off to be anodized on Friday when I was there for a visit. Going to be a fun throw.

(The Yo mast3r) #1522


Sir Gambit is that your tea or is it someone else’s coffee?


Any more pictures of that Delrin that you had on Instagram?


Here’s one but it doesn’t show it very well …

We’ll have more pics and info on this soon.


Crossing my fingers and toes that these come out in white :wink:


Can confirm :slight_smile:


Are you guys sticking with the rally guts? or are you guys going to use a different spacer system?


Rally guts - updated nut (visually).


Check out the new amazing slow-mo video featuring Paul Dang and JT Nickel.


^^It’s only March but that’s the coolest video of the year so far 8)^^


Maaaaaan! #excited

These look so darn good. So glad we have another plastic offering from you guys. :smiley:


You guys are in for a treat. It’s a friggin’ beast.


What a smooth style. Thanks for sharing, J-Rod! Also thanks for the yoyo preview. :wink:


What will the prices be for the Delrin and Topdeck?


We don’t have that information yet. What I can say is that the Topdeck will under $100.




MarkMont throwing a Terrarian during his recent visit to the One Drop Shop.


Markmont has such a sick style! Inspired me to step up my chopstick game…


Will you guys ever consider making a run of solid green Terrarians?

Oh yes, and since you guys are sponsors of Ringmaster Classic, will there be any of the new Delrins to try out?