One Drop YoYos Official News


There’s more coming!


There’s something new for OD if you guys wanna check it out on reddit!


Hey Paul… Is that a “Works” colorway??


Super pumped for these Vanguards. Any word on when the next run of Terrarians will drop?

Edit: Haha - saw your Facebook post literally minutes after posting this.


That is Shogun and they are exclusive to another store - that shot is just all the new special edition Vanguards that are coming (except for some crazy Paul Dang reason the Downbeat Colorway is not shown in that pic).


Second Run Terrarians coming February 3rd.,87911.msg994824.html#msg994824


The new colorways are amazing! Does anyone know if the old colorways will still be available?


Terrarians? Not in this run, but the next run will have repeating colorways from the first run along with some new ones.


Speaking of the new splash Vanguards, when are those going to be available?


I see a rebirth restock but no half n half colourways…when do we get to see them? how many were made?Will yoyoexpert stock them?


An order of them is heading to yoyoexpert shortly


Second from the left in the front row of that last picture looks amazing!

(InvaderDust) #1513

Sooooo a little birdy told me a lil sumpin sumpin about a new model coming out soon(?) called a TopDeck? Do you have any info at all about this? Im really interested in this one. Even the name calls me. So. . . .Is it true?


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: The way you wrote that. But, seriously, is this true?


It is indeed.

The Topdeck is JT Nickels Signature:



Looks legiiiiiit!



I threw one of these at Nats last year and I loved it. Of course, this looks a wee bit different, but I imagine it’s still awesome.

(InvaderDust) #1518

Ooooh, color me excited!!


That looks wicked. Can’t wait to try that out!


This is a fantastic yoyo. I had a chance to throw the proto at NH States back int he fall and I was very impressed!