One Drop YoYos Official News


Ok, aside from the fact that a guy named David made a box for a company owned by a David, and my name is David.

Did you ever consider your logo on the flaps instead of the OD?

the see thru hole is spot on though!


Sweet box!..but what’s inside?


Sure did! Got myself a brown one. It’s great!


so he tested the new proto and then put it in the box…

onedrop is probably the sneakiest company ever


That looks awesome!

I must ask though… foam cube still enclosed? :-X

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i like the packaging… but i also ask gambits question is there still a foam cube…


I second that…what an Innovation in holes…a see through one…wow…I mean at first there were black holes…you cant even see the hole much rather see through it…and now this!!Amazing what modern tech can do.

P.S.-Please dont go ahead and research black holes…that’s really not the point…hehe


No need for the cube anymore. This is both awesome and sad at the same time. I know the cube is beloved :slight_smile:

The cool part is that the box has a holder in it. It can be taken out and used as a yoyo stand as well. I’ll get the Dangster to take a photo.



So any word from OneDropFoamCube if he’ll be posting in the forums, or is he just going to take a break from yoyo’s for awhile?


Last time I heard, he’s just taking a break from the forums. He’s going to be busy busy exploring the world!


Can i buy like 20 foam cubes then…


YES. Are they available to order?


Any chance we’ll see an Ayame Vanguard soon?


Just got them back from our anodizers. Going to start putting them together in the next week. I’ll get you a picture!



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Nickel Vanguards?


Unfortunately there were issues with the run we attempted. We’ll try again soon. Also, lots of splash Vanguards coming as well.


Here you go Aaron!