One Drop YoYos Official News


I haven’t gotten to use a One Drop yet (sadly…) but I am planning on snatching up a Terrarian as soon as it drops. (pun intended you can get mad at me now) Now I wait as the hours count down until the release… Anyway, super excited for it.

One question though, has anyone from the shop eaten a banana and yoyoed with a prototype at the same time?


Thanks :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it.

Not sure on the banana - I’ll see what Paul Dang thinks about that …


How often does the company (One Drop) release and/or rerelease SE variations? They seem very difficult to find, especially the more specialized variants.

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I know right? I sent an email to Mr Dang about blue spikes and if or when they might ever be making another batch.

All i heard was crickets…


Hey all, Shawn here. Yeah, we’re making more SideEffects now. The machine we bought to make them has been giving us problems since we bought it. It’s ridiculous that you could spend so much money on something, have it be a lemon, and get ZERO support from the manufacturer. They wouldn’t even honor their own warranty, le sigh. Anyyyyyway, it’s running again and we’re back in SideEffect production, hoping to get everyone re-stocked with all the standards stuff, including legos and a new design or two.
Thanks for your patience.


Ooh, new designs! cough cough fingerspin cup cough cough Oh, what? Somebody said something? Nah, I didn’t hear anything.


That is great to hear. All but the lemachine that is to say. Hate y’all have to deal with that. Don’t they know how important One Drop yoyos are?

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Thanks The Machinist! we all really appreciate the update. :slight_smile:


Saw it on Facebook, any more details on the Vanguard?


Awesome…start with the RSM’s ;D


to Preserve my and countless other people’s sleep at night can you please explain this-


I see foam cubes. Lovely lovely foam cubes.


Yes very soon - like probably later today :slight_smile:


Oh my! I just went to a certain photo site, my mind is blown. Well done!


Please let me buy a nickel rebirth before this thing drops!


The vanguards are sweet! Real nice ;D


Thanks man :slight_smile: Did you get one?


I second that. The Vanguard is so much fun. I really enjoy it.


A few months back, David Peniston drove 6 hours from Seattle to our shop for a visit. You see, David works at a printing company and being the sweet fellow he is, brought down a few box samples with him. After a handful of emails and revisions, we came up with this!

Made right here in the Pacific Northwest, say hello to our new packaging.

Thank you David!

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Baller sauce spiked with class. Very nice.