One Drop Yo-Yos Küntosh 5000QV


In 1985, Lamborghini released a limited version of the Countach. This special edition included a few changes to the body to account for the redesigned and upgraded engine, the addition of four valves per cylinder-quattrovalvole in Italian, gave birth to its name the “Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole” or “5000 QV” for short. We took inspiration from this and made changes with the approval of Sonny Patrick, designer of the original Küntosh and created the Küntosh 5000QV.

From afar, the changes aren’t as noticeable without the trained eye of a previous Küntosh rider. There’s a subtle groove driving along the rim as it meets up with the profile of the catch zone. It’s a little more spacious around the floor of the cup surrounding the Side Effect area. More importantly, the Küntosh 5000QV features a 7075 aluminum alloy body. It’s a more dense and heavy alloy than the 6061 aluminum used on the original. The resulting weight of the redesign is lighter on the scales, but this number doesn’t really mean much by itself on this screen you’re looking at. During play, you’ll find the that the 5000QV has more of commanding spin than it’s older brother. Your handling will improve only if you spend the time to practice. Taking those sharp corners will be a breeze in no time; accelerate at a moments notice. And when you finally have it parked after hours of burning rubber, admire it’s beauty and run your hands across the bead blasted finish.

The soul of the original Küntosh still resonates within the 5000QV, it’s just going to have a little more horsepower.

Küntosh | Küntosh 5000QV

There will be 40 of each released with no reruns of color. First run features Desert Drifter, Racing Red, Streaking Silver and Burnout Blue.

Coming to YoYoExpert soon!


Base Weight: 61.6 grams
Weight: 64.9 grams (with aluminium Flat Cap Side Effects)
Width: 45.6 mm
Diameter: 56.9 mm
Stock Response: One Drop Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.32 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Bead Blasted
Axle System: Side Effects ™


This looks really good!

However, I do sometimes wish that Onedrop would release a 7075 side effects yoyo that isn’t a limited run special edition.


I would be up for a red 7075 set of 2016 benchmarks :slight_smile:


It says limited runs on color…


I wouldn’t be.

Unless they redesign all of them, they would all be too heavy and not so suited to 7075.


Any idea on a release date? I’d like to know if I’d be able to be on during the release!


Why wouldn’t they design them to make good use of the properties of 7075? There aren’t any 2017 benchmarks yet…

(Rock Shouse) #8

I think its a sweet change…much larger diameter with a lot less weight cause of 7075 metal and close to same width…yeah man…should be a lot faster and more playable on the string!!!


Hiw does the original OD Kuntosh play?


Redesigning them would mean that they are not 2016 Benchmarks anymore.


One Drop really loves their yoyos getting wet. ;D


Haha, I’ve noticed that too!


Ah, missed that little detail! Well, then 2017…?


The 5000QV is actually the exact size as the “Standard” Kuntosh.

Both Diameters are 56.9mm, both have a width of 45.6mm. The 5000QV is lighter though.

IMO, the 5000QV is much more floaty, but has an extra gear so to speak. You can tell that the 5000QV wants to play fast. It’s amazing how just a few changes can make such a large difference in play.


So the One Drop Kuntosh was changed to have a smaller diameter?


They’re the same diameter, 55.9, maybe just a typo in the original post.


According to One Drop’s site they are both 56.9mm in diameter.

Not sure what you mean by it being changed to have a smaller diameter?


We have 55.9 on our Kuntosh page, so that may be causing the confusion. I just measured both and got 55.9 each time so not sure why One Drop has 56.9. Could be our calipers, but they seem accurate with everything else.


Oh didn’t see that on your page.

Whatever the diameter is, they play amazing ;D


I smile when I read some comments … we talk about the most weight that a yoyo would have if it were made of ergal(7075) instead of anticorodal(6061).
But you know exactly how much weight more is it?
2.81 gr./cm3 against 2.7 gr./cm3 … exactly 4% more, then a yoyo in 6061 to 65 grams. in 7075 it would weigh 67.6 evenly distributed … so a negligible difference.