As usual, there's a lot going on at One Drop


I had another visit to Eugene this week and got a chance to play with a bunch of new throws, which is like seeing into the future. Many shiny things. These guys are firing on all cylinders! Exciting times, for sure!


I’m hoping there is a new plastic soon…


That looks like delrin. Am I right?


Yeah, last year I was adding CLYW and AntiYo’s to my collection.

I can tell already this year I’ll be adding some new One Drop’s. They’ve got the Top Deck, Kuntosh, Cabal, Prescription, hopefully the 2 bimetals will release this year, I’ve heard rumors of another titanium.

But the Top Deck, Kuntosh, Cabal, Prescription are all must haves in my mind!


Definitely looks like a One Drop year for me too, with my recently obtained Terrarian and Gauntlet and my soon to be obtained Top Deck…debating between blue and gunmetal gray.

Last year was also a lot of CLYW throws as I got back into throwing.


I’m going to hold out for a Nickel plated Top Deck ;D


A nickel-plated Vanguard is kind of tempting.


Could be. Could be…

Those first 3 are all amazing. I don’t think I’ve thrown the Prescription. Although, I played with an un-named throw on Monday. Could have been the Prescription, but I don’t know what that looks like.

I threw a bi-metal while I was there, too.

Love mine. The Vanguard has been a real standout, for me anyway. I reach for that more often than any other throw. The Top Deck is hard to beat, too, though.

I honestly can’t imagine being unhappy with anything One Drop is producing these days. I should probably point out that I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but I am one seriously happy customer.


Same! It’s such a nice yo-yo, but i’ve been wanting a new Nickel Plated One Drop lately.


The cabal is the best plastic I’ve ever played.


Same here. It’s amazing.


Played with the Cabal at Cal States, It was a lot of fun. Definitely looking forward to this release.

(rizkiyoist) #13

This is what I’m going to do when I grow up. Designing yoyos all day every day.


Did somebody say “Kuntosh”? Are they really going to release the Kuntosh, or will it be a different Kuntosh from the one Anti-Yo cancelled?


What? Who mentioned the Kuntosh??? ;D ::slight_smile:

edit: Also, AntiYo never “cancelled” them, they never started a full production to begin with.


I really want to go there


I played what was going to be the Cabal proto at pnwr. Imo I think it plays better than the fresh milk. Both are amazing, but the fresh milk has a large step in the spr making the yoyo impossible to bind.


The Cabal is a wickedly good yoyo. Back in the day folks used to dye white delrin yoyos. We should bring that back when the Cabal drops.


My understanding is that Sonny from Anti-Yo will be working with One Drop to make the Kuntosh happen.

What is a Prescription?


Prescription is Jon’s signature yoyo. Not sure when it’ll be coming out, heard it’s a mix of the project and cascade. But haven’t heard that from anyone at OD.

Can not wait for the Küntosh, been waiting so long. May end up buying a couple/few of them, so excited!