One Drop T1

Is this a good choice for a high end yoyo? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Even if you just think it looks cool :wink: Anyway, thanks.

Very good choice. If you like a “chilled out” feel, this one is tough to beat. I throw mine regularly. I know some people have been turned off by its dimensions, myself included, but I’m definitely glad I picked one up. To me it doesn’t play as big as the numbers would suggest. It is very stable, more so than the summit IMO, which I think has been compared to the T1. I know float is subjective, but I don’t see how this one could not be considered floaty. It doesn’t really feel like anything else, and it’s definitely worth a try.

Thanks! Is it blasted?

Pyramette tumbled. I like my T1, but I don’t throw it often. For that much money, I would get a Gradient, or wait for the Markmont Classic.

Is that a good grinding finish??

its decent, the grooves make it a bit better too.

Pyramatte tends to get sticky in humid weather though

tried one at worlds and while I dont play a lot flow/tech, when I threw it I couldnt feel what playstyle its designed for as the combination of its size and float-resistance didnt match any known archetype. Its one of those youd definitely try out before deciding on t.

I’ve heard nothing but great feedback on the T1. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my list. A lot of people compare it to the Cascade and Summit. I opted for the new Gradient which is nothing short of amazing. I have yet to have a bad experience with One Drop. I think it boils down to “what are you looking for?” Do you have any high end yoyos? Are you looking for something different?

This will be my first high end yoyo. I was looking for something stable, grind able, and long spinning.

I can’t comment on the T1, but the Gradient does all that real well and has side effects! I highly recommend it. It is great for beginners and competition alike. My first high end yoyo was a Benchmark. The Benchmark V I still use every day even though I have a Valor and Gradient. It too is a good choice. I haven’t had any issues with the finish yet, but I don’t have much humidity where I live.