One drop gradient or one drop T1?!?!

Hi guys it’s epicperson this is my first poll so don’t judge me on how bad I did I just need your expert opinion on what yoyo to buy… Thanks!!! :smiley:

Gradient has tons of rim weight.

T1 is much more floaty and chill.

They’re kinda opposites. Pic whatever fits your preferences. :slight_smile:

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Oh ok thanks! That helped a lot!!! Wait, is it true that the gradient is really good for grinds, or is it the same for the T1?

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I’d say they’re about the same.

That shape of the Gradient lends itself better to finger grinds. But it might not be better at OTHER grinds like palm grinds.

Thank you guys so much!!! One last question…does the gradient come with a onedrop ten ball bearing or something else?


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