One Drop Benchmarks VS. Gradient

So I’ve been thinking about getting a new throw, and I want to try out a One Drop. I’ve been doing some research and I’m torn between the Benchmark H and the Gradient. Both look like pretty decent choices but I’m not sure which I would like better. If it helps, I like solid, heavier yo-yos with good stability and long sleep times. I’d also like to know which one is more comfortable.


I’ve yet to try a One Drop I did like. You really can’t go wrong with any of the Benchmarks or the Gradient. Both the H and the Gradient are stable and comfortable. The 2013 H is going to be slower paced and solid. The Gradient has an awesome shape for grinds and has nice acceleration, and has a very powerful spin. If you are a newer player I found it useful to collect the Benchmarks first and compare the shapes. Honestly both are great throws. Your 2014 Benchmarks are going to have a different feel and lighter in weight. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I think I’m gonna go for the Gradient