Best One Drop yo-yo for me

So, i bought a genesis with hubstacks and I like it, but i wanted to know what the best one drop yo-yo is.
One drop seems intresting to me, but all the yo-yos seem so good and hard to choose from. I like a yoyo that is stable, spins a long time, ok gap width, somewhat floaty and somewhat fast. I looked at the summit too and it seems intresting, is it good compared to other one drop yoyos?

The summit is really nice. I would probably recommend the Gradient even though I haven’t tried it, it has the qualities you are looking for and can handle any kind of trick; plus the price is right ($79)!

The Gradient is awesome and also very different from a stacked Genesis. It will feel light, nimble, and sleek by comparison.

I would also recommend the Valor, though. It will meet your needs for stability and can be played fairly fast. I haven’t played every single One Drop, but I feel that the Gradient is their best sub-$100 yoyo to date, and the Valor is their best $100+. Naturally it’s all about preferences, though… I love the Cascade and Code 1 as well.

Really, it’s hard to go wrong with any Onedrop.

That being said, I too would vouch for the Valor as being a fantastic throw that meets your criteria.

The Summit is also a fantastic choice so I’m sure you’d be happy with either of them.

The Chik is very underated I feel, it’s one of OD’s slightly cheaper models but has a great amount of speed and stability to it. Been playing mine a lot over the past few weeks and really enjoying it.

So yeh, my personal recommendations would be

  1. Valor
  2. Chik
  3. Summit

In that order. :slight_smile:

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The two I throw most often are the Gradient and the T1.

Just get one, seriously. The T1 is an absolute blast, the Valor is a “performance” monster, and I too very much enjoy the Chik. It took a couple days to really start to appreciate it, but now it’s in my regular rotation. I could go on and on, but I doubt you’ll be disappointed no matter what you get.

no love for the benchmark series?

Ok, thanks to all of you who have helped me. I have picked to get the Summit just because the valor is out of stock and I like the Summit’s shape.