Anything else like a T1?

I really like my T1… a lot. It seems to have that nice balance of being deliberate but still having a good bit of float to it. I’ve kinda assumed that feeling has something to do with the large diameter, but I don’t have anything else that large to compare it to. Sometimes though I’d like the same feeling, but with a little less width. Does anyone know of anything that sounds like that?

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A T1? ;D
Its hard to find something that plays exactly like another yoyo, but perhaps a Metal Skyva of some kind? From what I’ve heard, those are pretty floaty.

i have a metal skyva i would sell you for a good deal if interested…i have a t1, and they are kind of similar, but all of the cuts on the t1 make it really unique.

The OD T1 rocks. Most def a great throw.

I love my T1 so much. I’m considering getting a dang 2 becuase afternoon my T1 I’ve become addicted to one drop.

Did you ever find a T1-alike?


Funny you ask, because I was just thinking about this. It’s been an ongoing search, but I haven’t been able to find anything that is a dead-ringer for a match. The cardboard dreamboat has the same kind of float (probably a little more) but it doesn’t have the same stability. It’s not crazy unstable but it will go off axis if you’re lazy. The kraken has the stability for days, but it’s a little slower to respond to inputs. Still love it though.

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I had to refresh my memory on the T1 so here’s the official page


Essential specs

  • Weight: 66.3 grams
  • Width: 48.4 mm
  • Diameter: 56.77 mm

There she is. Crazy because to me it plays like something a gram lighter

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It’s crazy how we can tell the difference in weight of half a paperclip when we yoyo