One Drop Rocks! (My note to them)

I Wish to thank you guys! My buddy (yesterday)embarked on a road trip from Victoria, B.C. to California. He knows nothing about yo-yos but did me a favor by dropping by your shop on his way down. I really needed a new axle for my WMM and some 10 balls but didn’t want to pay shipping charges to Canada. Also, I gave him a wish list in order of priority hoping for some kinda B-grade deal. I told my friend that from what I’ve heard, you guys are the most accommodating people on the planet and that you would welcome him with open arms even thou he doesn’t throw. He told me tonight that you guys more than meet he hype surround ya’s,
Guess what, he just now phoned me and I was super impressed! Here’s what he got me, 5 10 ball bearings, one WMM axle, and a Code 2. All of this for 50 percent off…$60.00 Canadian! All this for just “dropping by”, you guys rock!!! Wished I could have been there. I love my M1,Dingo and WMM. The Code 2, I’m so excited apparently it’s black,blue and teal…I have 2 wait a month til buddy gets back into town but, I’m pumped!

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That’s awesome, I always have an amazing day when I drop by the shop ;D ;D

I wish I could go! My cousins are from oregon and their visiting us in arizona now but they live on the clear opposite side of oregon all the way by idaho so even if we visit them I won’t be able to go to eugene… Still I’m happy for you. And your friend seems pretty awesome to do that for you.

Don’t think they would like you advertising this… Just a thought.

They are more than deserving of any free press I can give them.

I think he meant the prices. I think those are deals that they keep quiet about

We at Onedrop appreciate our friends, customers and new individuals that stop by the shop. As you said “With welcoming arms”. Thats one of the many traits that we strive to be: Approachable.

Congrads for getting what you had hoped to get. I do not think its any secret for when people stop by for what kind of deals you get. Overall, this happens for any company I believe that wishes to help their customers.

Thanks Motley07.

~Z, a rep from Onedrop.

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I think it’s great that a manufacturer has such a nice open door policy. I’m sure it’s not a full access pass from the get-go, but at least once you get inside the front door and can be greeted, then get the “VIP Tour” so to speak if so desired.

I’m super pleased with the One Drop products. It’s also nice to see that nice people are making great products.

I wonder some times, how much would it cost to go from Chicago to Eugene on a bus. I think it would be worth it, all I need is a dumb friend to come along and money to cover the trip


Hay ya! I’m still stoked. Maybe I’m too pumped but, my friend went out of his to do me this favor. He is totally uninterested in yo-yos but was still impressed with his reception @ One Drop. As a side note, he placed my order and was informed afterwards that because he was a drop in it was a 50% discount. I’m not bragging about my great deal and/or savings, I just wanna thank Zammy and the boys @ One Drop for their amazing customer service. For all those that feel left out and are choked about the price I got…well just jump into your car, drive to the most amazing place in the universe and just say hi!