One drop markmont next

Where can I get it it looks good

Try the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forum

I have the nickel and sodablast versions. Great throw, for sure. One Drop posted something on Instagram a few days ago, that a new MarkMont signature is being considered. You can check out the old signature, but I get a feeling something new will come from him soon too.

I might be wrong here, but it looks exactly like a DV888, sans the cool hubs. And YYF’s Instagram says there’s going to be another run of them.

It was a great throw. I had the obsidian version, sad I sold it.

One of my favorites. I have 3.

Markmont was sponsored by Buzzon and played dv8’s for a extended period of time so a lot of that was put into his signature. Well the dv888 is a metal dv8 so they are bound to look similar.

I’ll sell you mine for $60 shipped lol

The MMN is just a slightly tweaked version of the Markmont Project which is just a slightly tweaked Project.

Alright, so yoyoexpert may hate me for this, but BillyBobs has a few in stock

EDIT: never mind.

Though they may look similar, play is different. I feel like the Markmont is just better quality overall.

MMN was my smoothest throw for a long time … like crazy smooth, no fingernail vibe at all

thats until i got my super g. CRAZY SMOOTH!!!

MMN still awesome. i throw it every now and then…