Markmont Next like DV888


I couldn’t help but noticing the similarity in shape and size of the two. I don’t have the Markmont so can anyone back this up at all? Do they feel the same on the string?


I have both. Heck, let’s throw in a Crucal Half & Half too for the same reason. I have all three.

These play COMPLETELY different. The MMN plays smoother, lighter, longer, better than the dv888. It’s like the dv888, if it could, would like to be a MMN. This isn’t to say the dv888 isn’t a great yoyon unto itself, but the MMN is in a different price bracket and different playing bracket.


markmont was on Buzzon for a long time, he threw DV8s a lot, afaik. The DV888 being directly based off the DV8, would make it a yoyo that he would be interested in i’m sure. Its not luck that they all look similar…

I’d say the markmont next and the DV888 play pretty similar…


The Markmont Next was based off the Project…