MarkMont Next

Is it just me or does the OD MarkMont Next look just like a heavier version of the Dv888?

Mark played the Buzz-On DV8 for years, it’s only natural that his signature yoyo looks a little like a yoyo YYF made to be almost exactly like a metal DV8.

The original MarkMont was released long before the DV888. It was a tweaked version of the Project (also released long before the DV888). The Next was a revision on the original MarkMont based on what Mark wanted.

Speaking of this, we are currently working on a new yoyo for Mark :slight_smile:


Looking forward to a new MarkMont throw. Love the previous ones.

Yes! I knew you were going to make a new signature for Mark but was unsure when it would happen. Looking forward to what it’ll come out to be :slight_smile:

Okay you got me. Have some more of my money.

Markmont SEs? Please make them.

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