markmont. next

does the markmont next play similar to the dv888? And which one do you perfer.

its hard to choose between them, they’re even almost identical in shape… all I can say is the markmont. next. is one of my favorite yoyos, but if youre looking for pure performance the dv888 is probably the way to go. The MN is more of a stylish artsy type of yoyo, still amazingly fun, but may not be for someone looking for straight performance. Dv888 is basically made for perfect performance at a cheap price. I remember hadoq had a good comparison of them both. He said “the DV888 is designed for pure performance, nothing else, throw in a KK, it’ll spin for years and remain stable…the is more like “art”, feels more solid and doesn’t like KK bearings, I usually define it as “rock & roll”…”. The MN will be a more “fun” yoyo in the end i think, but the Dv888 will play better, with the loss of an individual and artsy feel to it. Dv888 to me feels like a generic yoyo. Granted, it plays well… but a big part of yoyoing to me is collecting, and a Dv888 doesn’t feel very special while throwing it. So theres my 2 cents on the matter :slight_smile:

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any more thoughts ???

I have a project and a DV888. I think the project feels better in the hand and on the string. I have understood that the projects and the MMN are more or less siblings. With KK the DV888 picks up some ground but if you are at all like myself that holding the yoyo is just as critical as to how it looks and plays go with MMN. All said and done after the KK price is almost negligible. Good luck in your decision.