Dv888 vs Markmont Next

If you’ve tried both of these yoyos, can you please tell me how differently they play as well as the pros and cons of each?

I have the dv888 but not the markmont. The dv888 plays fine, but has some bibe, if you have the money for the markmont get it, it will have much more quality than the dv888. The dv888 plays solid and its not extremly stable, not like something like a g5.


DV888 is a bit more angular, Markmont is a bit more rounded.
DV plays light on the string, is very agile, and is pretty stable.
MN plays like a tank. Great once it’s up to speed, exellent on grinds, and so stable it would take a semi-truck to flip it.

Hope that helped. ;D

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Yeah, it did, thanks!

One last question though, which do you thinks plays faster, or which is easier to accelerate?

Definently the DV888, but it spins out more often.

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