markmont next vs deitz

markmont next vs deitz, what should I get.

I’m not sure what you should get because I don’t know what your preferences. I would go with the Dietz just because it has side effects system so if you don’t like the weight or if it too “floaty” you can change it. I have played both is the Markmont Next is heavier and solid while the Dietz was pretty light. The MMN doesn’t have a IRG so I don’t know if that factors in. Either way both throws from One Drop is a great buy.

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Depends what you’re after.

I have both. I like both. I find myself playing the Dietz more, but recently I’ve been playing the MMN more. Seems the Dietz likes to stay moving fast while the MMN will let you set your own pace.

They aren’t a “like for like” comparison.

as sniffy said in his review of the deitz you have to go fast and precise. It will teach you to throw straight or it will spin out. it will go as fast as it can. Which makes since when you watch daniel deitz play.

Same. I like the MMN more, but that’s my preference.

I am currently using a dv888 and it is not very stable. Do these two fix that?

dv888 is stable. Work on your throw.

The dv888, Crucial Half & Half and MMN all use the same basic shape. However, their performance varies greatly.

The dv888 is dense, feels heavy on the string and plays a bit heavy. It’s solid, stable and well, it’s a dv888, nothing exciting or amazing. It’s functional, practical, and plays like a $45 yoyo should play. Grinding is a bit limited as the surface is more smooth than I’d prefer.

The H&H is delrin, plays fast and zippy and light. I had to put a Crucial Grooved in there to replace the stock flat to get the performance I want out of this. I like this better. It plays above it’s price. It’s smooth and it’s not a great grinder but it can grind.

The MMN is heavy, but it plays really nice. It’s got good presence on the string, feels good, and is very stable. It moves at your speed, be it fast or slow and has no problem being anywhere at any time. The MMN is what, around $100? It plays it, and then some. SMOOOTH!! The grind rings on the inside are especially effective.

However, a bad throw is a bad throw and nothing short of improving your throw will correct that. I will say of the three, the dv888 is less tolerant of a bad throw, but even so, I’ve found it relatively forgiving.

Now, add in the Dietz. It’s a different design. It’s very small and it benefits from the use of side effects to help give it some heft. It wants to move fast, it likes being zippy. It’s smooth, solid and stable. You can change the side effects out but I’m pleased with the stock performance. It’s a different H shape, kind of squarish/angular. The surface treatment, coupled with it’s shape makes it a pretty decent grinder, provided you don’t have monster arms or fingers.

What’s IRG?

Inner Ring Grind.

It’s a lip of metal around the outside of the rim so you can hook a finger under the rim and grind it.

I’ve found undersized throws are less stable compared to larger throws. The Dietz is the stablest undersized I’ve played and definitely more stable than a DV888 but not as stable as a super stable full-sized like the CODE1.

I disagree. My experience has shown me that a well thrown and WELL-DESIGNED undersized yoyo is as stable as a larger yoyo. That’s not a problem with an yoyo I’ve gotten from YYE or other locations.

Granted, I’m not that great, but if I’m hitting kwijobo 5 times on a throw with an dv888, XConPro, Hitman Pro, Dietz, MMN and Gnarwal and I can do the same thing on an Avalanche, DM2, Northstar, Code 1, Code 2 and more, I find that my throw and technique plays more of a factor than anything else.

I found in my personal experience that the XConPro doesn’t like a bad throw. Using it for 2 weeks exclusively for 2 weeks forced my throw in general to greatly improve. I do prefer full sized yoyos though. I also find a lot of people just don’t seem to have the patience to work on their throw and to take the time to learn a new yoyo’s strengths, weaknesses and quirks.

I’ll admit, it takes me a few minutes to adjust to my dv888 but once I do I’m fine for several days. I might be using it as my go-to yoyo this week to force me to re-acquaint myself with this item in my collection. Then again, I may grab my MMN instead, or my Dietz.

Also when I’m trying to learn a trick and I’m in a wrist mount my yoyo starts to twist after 20 seconds of watching the video trying to see what’s next.

Throw harder, land cleaner.

Try watching the video, then memorizing the little but you’re trying to work on. Progress step by step.

At my house, it’s not convenient to practice in front of a computer and my kids make so much noise that the phone is pretty much a bit of electronics in my pocket that is useless for voice conversations. I have to go bit by bit.

two great yoyos but i prefer the mmn a much more smooth yoyo and just better overall in my poiion