MarkMont Next vs. DV888?

I have a YYF DV888 and a OneDrop 54, Can anyone compare one or both of these yoyos to the MarkMont Next? I looks like the shape and weight of the MarkMont Next is similar to the DV888, so I was wondering how different they play? OneDrop yoyos seem to be smoother…


MarkMont Next would be much better than the Dv888 normally. But in this forum, there are many opinions.
MarkMontNext is a high high end class metal yoyo which is soda blasted, nickel plated and comes with a 10 ball bearing.
Dv888 is a budget metal yoyo which is also (to me) a high end metal yoyo that is very smooth on the string. Dv888 is also one of the grinding beasts.
Really, most yoyos can handle anything so it’s hard to compare EVEN if it is a $40 budget metal yoyo to a $95 soda blasted, nickel plated yoyo with a one drop 10 ball bearing. IMHO, MMN is better.

yea i cant see how to compare those yoyos imo

it would be easier to compare like markmont next to like a severe or somthin

actually they are almost twins when you look at em

I have both and love both, they look very similar, shape, size etc… but they’re indeed very different

Purely performance wise, I hate to admit it but the DV888 is ahead
The is a great performer nonetheless

but the DV888 is designed for pure performance, nothing else, throw in a KK, it’ll spin for years and remain stable

the is more like “art”, feels more solid and doesn’t like KK bearings, I usually define it as “rock & roll”

I’m glad I have both because I couldn’t pick just one

if you’re after the best possible performance, go for DV888, if you’re after something more inspiring yet with slightly lesser performance, get a it’ll play almost just as well but will be much more “fun” overall, it’ll age with time too which is pretty nice.

if you can afford both, just get both, seriously I’m so glad I got both

Ohhh, that gave a much more different look on the MarkontNext!