One drop lego side effects worth it?

I am a big Lego fan, and I am interested in getting Lego side effects to mess around with. How well do they work for attaching legos?

They are flats with a single Lego post, I had a set and I put radar on my gzr54. Other than that I think it’s a gimmick.

Its fun. Totally worth having 1 set. Stick a Bat-Man head on one side and a Joker head on the other. Chuckle to yourself about how freaking cool that is.

The side-effect also works without legos on it and performs much like the flat cap.

Totally worth it, I have a set and love them!

Yoyoing as a whole is all about having fun. If you want them then get them and have fun!

I have a set and it is great, I switch out the Legos like every day on that thing. Totally worth it

I know this thread is old, but I just wanted to say I finally ordered a pair of Lego side effects!
As a side note, I realize that this is my 300 post, and that deserves some consideration. As such, I would like to thank yoyoexpert for their awesome customer service. I had, in my infinite wisdom, forgotten to put in the coupon code for the yoyo day sale😞, and I emailed them asking if they could honor the coupon code even though I had placed my order. They responded with a yes, and though the amount of money was small, I really appreciated it. This is only one example of the various communications I have had with them, and I always come away from the dialogue feeling heard and respected. They don’t know if I’m a noob who doesn’t know the difference between the string and the bearing, but they still assume the best and try to help even if it isn’t going to show in sales numbers.
Happy (mildly belated)yoyo day Yoyoexpert, and happy yoyo day to everyone else!

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One Drop only seems to make stuff that is worth buying.

In other words; if they make something in the shop and decide to sell it; its worth buying.

Realize that everything One Drop makes is thoroughly tested ‘inhouse’. They just dont put products ‘out there’ and use the public for guinea pig field research/feedback.

Their potential functional value was already decided long before you even knew the lego side effects existed.

… Nothing wrong with your question; though. Because if you are not familiar with One Drops’ product development; it is understandable that you might wonder.


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I’m quite familiar with the side effect history, and I know one drop wouldn’t put out a cruddy product, I was just wondering if Lego side effects were appreciated more by people who have them more then the dozens of side effects available.
Side effects are awesome in any case.