One Drop Flat Bearings Are Outdated: Change My Mind

So I got my first One Drop about a week ago, and have quickly become a huge fan of OD. However, the first thing I did was swap out the flat bearing for an aftermarket one, because in the past I’ve found flats to… kinda suck. So let me ask you guys, is there significant quality or purpose to One Drop using exclusively flat bearings? Keep in mind this is a Kuntosh I’m referring to (so naturally I wanted maximum performance) but even with an organic like a Markmont Classic, I kinda fail to see the point. Can anyone enlighten me on this?


Flat bearings don’t “suck”, but they may not be for you.

I believe the reason OD hasn’t used a concave bearing is out of respect for Frank Difeo’s patent on the design, or others patents. Instead of buying a bearing, that would increase the price of their yoyos, or buy something that is ripping off Frank’s design and not rightfully paying Frank, they have decided to use their flat bearing.

@The_Machinist or @da5id could give the exact reason, but I believe that is why.


@ThrowTrue made a good point the other day 8 ball vs 10 ball?


It’s not that the bearings suck, it’s that you’re not used to it. If you have a new one drop the fresh pads and flat bearing can be a bit of a challenge, but if you try a flat bearing with very recessed silicone or old broke in pads and a broke in bearing you’ll find out what it’s all about!


It seems to me that centering bearings (especially Center Trac) have become the standard stock bearing for 1A yoyos today. One Drop is one of the few holdouts who still sticks flat bearings in theirs, and at this point I kinda feel it has more to do with a stubborn “it’s what we do; it’s what we’ve always done, and it’s what we’ll always do” philosophy than whether or not flat bearings are better (in some widely acknowledged way) than centering bearings.

I don’t care for flat bearings either, and I always swap out the stock OD flat bearing with a Boss Rage the first chance I get. However, I will say that those OD flat bearings do spin hella good.


Considering their brand I think it’s understandable why they ship with flat bearings, even if you ignore the fact that they like to respect the patent.

When I think One Drop I think balanced, fun, casual yoyos that still perform great. That’s their brand, they aren’t like UNPRLD or YYR where they’re actively trying to make the best of the best, maximum rim weight and performance.

While not all, many people that are attracted to this brand, as well as the owners of the brand themselves, tend to prefer, or at least don’t mind, flat bearings, at least moreso than most other companies.


Yeah, we’re not going to find a “technical work-around” to screw Frank. Also, we know from experience that no matter WHICH bearing we put in our yoyos, players are going to swap them out for their faves. We get propositioned by overseas companies every week who want to sell us there $0.20 bearings, and believe me, five bearings for a buck is awfully tempting. But the old adage that you get what you pay for rings true here, and in that regard we won’t buy their flat bearings either.


Aaron has it correct. He’s read our response to this question many times. It’s not because we are stubborn or whatever.


Flat bearings can make you a better player.

Work that plane.


@The_Machinist @da5id

Always sticking to your morals/principals. Please never change <3

10 ball bearings flat forever!


But there are centering style bearings other than concave that don’t violate the Dif-e-o patent, right? Like Center Trac.


This x100


Technically they don’t. But we feel they do violate the spirit of the invention. This is a moral stance, not a legal stance.


Doesn’t YYF have the rights to the CT shape/style? So outside of getting a bootleg version you’d need licensing rights from YYF? Thought I heard this once.


Ultimately, I don’t mind swapping out for my bearing of choice. The way I look at it, if/when the day comes that I decide to put flat bearings in, I will have an abundant supply of really good ones!


I LOVE the flat bearings that come in OD yoyos. However I will admit that in my Vanguard I swapped out the flat for a string centering bearing which makes it work real nice (partly because the second hand MC I got didn’t come with a flat bearing so I swapped it out)

I love the feel of my organic Onedrops with a flat bearing, so satisfying!



When I play a OD, I like to let my zen flow. Flat bearings are perfect for that.

The 10 ball is quiet and smooth spinning. I find very little difference honestly between a flat and a CT other than placebo.


Good enough for me :call_me_hand:


Flats are so nice. Give the yoyo some soul.


Yoyoing is so complicated. How can I possibly assimilate when bearings are so close in quality and possibly even have a placebo effect? I must be told what is best or ……… I’ll just do what I like. Hmmmm,:thinking: I actually like the sound of that. :wink: