It is 2021 and One Drop

Objectively speaking you’re absolutely right about bimetal performance being superior but that’s not what everyone wants. Modern dual clutch transmissions will always put down a faster lap time but some people just wanna shift themselves.
I’m one of “those guys” I guess. Not that I only buy OD, but I just don’t reach for my bimetals. I appreciate them for what they are, but usually it’s not what I want


To me is simple, or I least this is how I see things:

Equipment investment: if you invest in a piece of equipment you better use it in order to recover your investment. It seems that OD needs to invest in a piece of equipment to make a bi-metal throw. If they did, they would need to start making more bi-metals to pay off such equipment.

That said, I do not think the above aligns to their business strategy. If I were them and if I knew my brand is known by the quality of yo-yos I make (because honestly, making something in the US, Europe, Latin America does not guarantee quality, and vice-versa something made in China does not mean poor quality) I would not invest thousands of dollars in a piece of equipment that would be under utilized if I do not change my entire product line to bi-metal.

That video to me is irrelevant. Let’s face it: China controls most of the world’s supply of materials, components, electronics, etc that even OD uses so if they do not buy anything from China, then they can talk like that. I even wonder what country of origin the aluminum they get to make their yo-yos is. It would not surprise me is China as they are the major aluminum supply worldwide.

Bottom line, it is a matter of investment and product portfolio change.


Our aluminum is made in a mill in Spanish Fork Utah. Thanks for showing us love and using the Kraken as your avatar.


It just feels like the advantage of bimetals is blown way out of proportion. There probably an advantage in stability which helps get slightly better spintimes . Weight distribution ,shape, and specs are far more important to me.


I’d like to see a OD centering bearing before a bi metal. I love how quiet the flat ones are, but they quickly exceed my skill level.


Leeeeet’s not go there lmao… it was thoroughly debated to exhaustion in 2019 and does NOT need to be revisited.

Back to the bi-metal discussion…


I can dream. But my favorite throws are OD, even put a flat bearing in my Silenus.


I’m at the bottom of the yo-yo throwers food chain and a huge OD fan.
I think my want for more and different side effects transcends my want of a bi metal OD.

When you can create yoyos with amazing character in mono. What’s it really adding? Stability and spin time.

My humble opinion is that I’m working on tricks lasting less than 45 seconds, or just stand there flicking a trick and binding. I guess my skill level is below the need for the ultra long spin times and long techy trick stability.

I’d still buy it :joy::joy: as long as I don’t miss the drop :raised_hands:


More than love, I am just using a master piece as my avatar and you guys know how to do master pieces.

Have you considered outsourcing the machining or the assembling portion of a bi-metal throw? Not always doing an investment to make something is needed. Just a thought.


Talking about OD, I’m enjoying a lot the Free Solo.


I believe One Drop will always do everything in-house and despite the trend / pressure on every yoyo company to crank out bimetals, One Drop will only make yoyos they want to make.

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Call me silly then!

Over the last few years I would estimate that I’ve purchased over 60 different bimetals. Bought them from most every brand from G2, iyoyo, YYF, Circle City, Duncan, Core Co, YYR, etc etc etc etc. I’ve tried all the different varieties ie. Inner ring, outer ring, mid ring, two rings, three rings, etc. After all of that I have exactly ONE bimetal in my collection now. I’ve sold EVERY other one. I simply “did not care for them” as you put it. The only bimetal I’ve kept is the Duncan Orbital GTX. It’s EXTREME design is different enough that I elected to keep this one.

It’s not about brand loyalty. I’ve tried dozens and dozens of bi metals from all the brands, but ultimately just prefer playing the monos.


We have a tax guy, Gruntbull does our anodizing, we don’t manufacture our own bearings or axles, I wouldn’t even begin to think about the process of making tiny o-rings for our SideEffects, we don’t smelt our own aluminum, we don’t generate our own electricity for the shop. We rely on the city to supply us with water. There’s plenty of stuff that we outsource to other entities.


i’m in this boat too. bimetals are great, if that’s what you like. i believe i have one or two in my collection - and i’d say there is less
than half-dozen i’d seek out again - and not necessarily for performance reasons.

more can be better, but it isn’t always better - or for everyone. i overall prefer monometals… there’s nothing wrong with bimetals
either though


Utilities are of course not considered to be part of outsourcing as anodizing, components or semi-finished products that go into the yo-yo. It would be super expensive being totally vertical integrated.

I think you do great OD. It seems you are focused on what you do well and that’s a core competency you want to keep all the time. Kudos to you!

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A good yoyo is a good yoyo regardless of what kind it is (plastic, hybrid, monometal, or bi-metal). One Drop knows how to make high-performance monometals that can easily compete with most bi-metals, so I really don’t think there is a meaningful gap in their product catalog just because it doesn’t include bi-metals. If they don’t want to make bi-metal yoyos, that’s fine with me, there are plenty of other companies I can get my bi-metal fix from.


I tell you one thing that One Drop does not do well, … they don’t make enough mystery boxes. They throw a few up on the web site and BOOM, gone. I’ve checked every day for 2 months but no luck. NO LUCK! And I will tell you another thing, they like to torture their customers. They release something like the Deeper State, and when it sells out do they replenish stock? Noooooooo. I was short on funds when it dropped and when I was ready to buy, … nothing. And still nothing. I have a tip for them, … Stop making your yoyo’s so good. Then maybe they will not be bought up so fast and people like me will have a chance. But nooooo. You would rather see me suffer. How is a (61 year old) kid supposed to enjoy life if he cannot get the yoyo he wants? Do you know what you are doing to the youthful spirit in this country? Now, GET OFF OF MY LAWN! … … … Grumpy Old Man signing out. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we all need to worry less what we all think about our throws and just respect that we all will have different taste in brands, shapes, strings, bearings, and pretty much everything else in yoyoing. I agree with @YoyoGeezer to an degree we shouldn’t just disregard bi metals just because one drop doesn’t do them or that we haven’t found one we like, we should always be willing to expand our taste in throws, we never know if we will find our next favorite. BUT I completely disagree that Bi-metal is always outperform a mono metal. It depends on what tricks you want to do, your speed, the style you are going for, so many thing go into if a yoyo will be a good performer than just bi metal being a must. But again, thats just my opinion so whatever give you more fun is what you should do and what you should throw.



This bimetal was made by one drop and Kyo


id way rather give money to one drop or one drop made products. especially when new “boutique” companies are charging the same price or more for a mono metal made in China…

I’m sure its hard for them to compete in manufacturing in today’s global economy. im sure they are trying their best with what they can