One Drop bimetal discussion - merged

So uh… I noticed this… bimetal looking thing…


Found more!

Yeah, that definitely looks like a bimetal

Just more One Drop bimetal teasing.

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Idk, hopefully something new!

Almost looks like the new V.
But where are the side effects?

…and why is there a raw band where bimetals traditionally have a SS band?

oooooo man… if only Christmas wasn’t so close.

I’m guessing its the One Drop Downbeat

I’m guessing that if it is a new One Drop yoyo we’re not going to get a straight answer about what it is ;D

At least not for awhile :slight_smile:

Maybe a format c

Downbeat is an SE yoyo

Definitely not the Downbeat

It might be a bimetal. In an earlier thread Paul mentioned making one. This is just a guess though :-\

It could just be polished inner rims.

that’s very possible with the Yoyo because the rim is very prevalent in the 2014 benchmark V

magic yoyo

But the V has side effects, and this clearly doesn’t


just to scroll down, it certainly doesnt look like a benchmark

Hmmm maybe one of us can PM Paul dang?

Paul won’t tell, I’ve tried :slight_smile: