Looking for recommendations on what to buy next

This! :point_up_2:


I mean chopsticks gorilla just restocked


I have the C3 IX. I love it, but you already have an atlas. That should be plenty until you are really good at 5A. I would get a bimetal. 2 sick makes some awesome yoyos give them a look.


You would like a sf motive but you might have a hard time looking for one for sale on the bst


Yea, OD bearings are pretty much the nicest and smoothest in my collection, but is imo (and yours as I understand it) a bad pairing with the VTWO.

Sure, good technique alleviates the complaint, but when it comes to pushing your tricks, you will really notice the imperfections in your technique and will pay for it with the flat bearing. Throwing in any centering bearing makes the VTWO come alive and become stable like it should be. If you are into competitive throwing you should use a centering bearing. I personally have about 10 throws set up with flats, and all of them are more laid back organic yoyos. A V-shaped competition-oriented throw should continue that shape into where the string lies. The vast majority of the competitive scene uses centering bearings for the small edge in performance they afford. The bearing debate is usually over what is the best, and I wont pick a side because I think both are great in their own applications.


Ok, I am seeing a lot of stuff in favor of the Orbital GTX, I am heavily looking into this

@lumanasty I love the look of the Chopstick Gorilla, but I cannot justify a 184 dollar yoyo yet. I will buy one, eventually

@Oroboryo, thanks for giving me real advice. I was kinda thinking the same thing, but it looks so cool. I think I just got so swept up in the idea of it. I will look into 2Sick, so thanks

@Spacewalker357, I have been wanting an SF for a while, but I want to get it new first, which seems impossible. Eventually, I will have an SF, so thanks

@eternalmetal I have always tended to agree, but I spent a long, long time reading the below thread and found that I at least want to try OD bearings. I have a spare KonKave that I can put in if I feel I need it. I really enjoyed reading your response :smile:

To everyone else, I am trying to add 20 more dollars to my order. I am deciding between the B-grade Too Hot, Wedge, and anything else in that price range. Any suggestions?

I just want to thank all y’all that are helping me out, you guys are amazing :smile:!!!


Wedge is great. Everyone seems to love the antidote though and it’s in the same price range if the specs of it interest you.


Thanks! It is definitely something that you have to try and see for yourself with. But if you get a VTWO or other more performance oriented OD yoyos, id suggest a bearing change before judging it entirely.


Alright, I have gotten some pretty awesome recommendations and here is what is in my shopping cart right now:

unprld Antidote-purple
YYF Response Pads (10 pack)
Yoyofriends Raytracer-I cannot decide between Ice blue and the pink
OD VTWO-Purple
Speedaholic XX-Clear

This is my near final list, but I still am open to new recommendations


Personally I would drop one of your two plastics and replace it with a dove. As for which one, that is a harder thing to decide on. If it were me I’d probably drop the c3 but totally up to personal preference. Also I don’t see it get the love I think it should so ill throw it out there, I am in love with my rain city author. In your situation I don’t know that I would pick it up over your first one drop but something to consider in the future.


Between antidote and speedaholic, I would go for speedaholic since it is machined vs injection molded. But honestly you cant go wrong with either of them.

Have you also looked at the Edge Ultimatum? It remains very stable at extreme speeds and has a very long spin time like a bi-metal (without the rim-weighted feel of a bi-metal). It is also pretty wide, and I’ve seen people in instagram using it for 5a as well. Check out some of Ayumu Kasuga’s videos and it will give you an idea how the yoyo performs when pushed to extremes. I am honestly surprised it doesnt cost near the $100 mark.


Hey guys, thanks for the awesome feedback. I would have written back sooner, but school has been a lot lately.

@lumanasty thanks for the Dove recommendation, I still cannot decide because I love the look and feel of delrin. As for RCS, I want to have that experience too

@Genki- thanks for the help and I agree with wanting machined. I want an ultimatum, but I kinda want to experiment with companies I havent tried yet. In my collection, I only have Duncans and YYFs

Lastly, what about the Daydream. I was considering getting two for 3a and edcs, but what’s y’alls opinion on that

Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far, you are literally the best :smile:


I have daydream and it is not good at all. It has a terrible spin time and is not stable. I’ve never done 3a so I can’t give suggestions on that but I would not get a daydream. Also it has lots of vibe

Give mk1 a shot? We have a new bimetal releasing on November 6th.


I can look into that! I wanted to get the Converge, but could not justify a 130 yoyo until I start paying my yoyo bills (give me like a year, I promise :smile:) Is there any details you can give? If not, that’s cool and I understand

Mk1 Exia. $95 bimetal. 63.7g, 55.6x47.3mm, 7068 and steel.
There will be six colorways!


Ok, that is so worth waiting!! Holy chowder, that is amazing, and I must have it!!! This is not fair, you should not have shown me this :smile:

Edit: It will be on YYE, right?

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Yep, big shoutout to André :smiley: I wouldn’t be recommending the Exia if it weren’t going to be carried here.


Awesome, thanks!! I cannot wait until November 6th!!!


I figured I should update this thread each time a yoyo comes in because of all the help y’all have given. So, for starters, I bought my first Unprld (corruption) and I already love it! I saw that the shape was similar to the Antidote, and there was a charity auction, so I thought it would be a great way to experience an Unprld!