One Drop Burnside vs Fools Gold Avalanche

I want to try my first full sized throw, and have heard that the avalanche may be a little bit better than the burnside, but is that still true for the fools gold edition? I prefer my yuuksta over my dv888, so perhaps the h-shape of the burnside would be more comfortable. I am currently working on revolutions and spirit bomb. Any suggestions on which one would best fit my needs? If I forgot any information I would be glad to fill in any gaps. Thanks.

The avalanche is only better if you think its better. Its all opinion.

Well if the ava is fools gold, then possibly. Some are FG for vibe, soe are for tiny anodization flaws.

Thanks for your input. I think I’ll go for the avalanche because it is a little bit smaller

Good choice either way!

Id go fools gold avalanche. Its funny cuz i picked one up and on a throw there is zero vibe, only thing you feel is during palm grinds, but on the string it plays like A grade. I dont understand why these arent sold at the standard price, they are w that good!