OD Burnside vs CLYW Avalanche


This isn’t necessarily to help me decide between the two, seeing as how I already own a Burnside, but I’m just curious how similar or different they play from one another? I’m considering snatching up an Avalanche on the next run, but I’m sort of hesitant that it will play TOO similar to my Burnside. Not that the Burnside is bad in any way, I just don’t want them to feel too close together.

Thanks in advance! :wink:


Okay, so the Avelanche is smaller than the burnside. i do not feel that mine is as smooth as my burnside. they do play similar, but the avalanche is faster. the avalanche is almost wild on the string, tearing through tricks faster than you can think about them when you LET it, however, when you really want to play smooth, it will do that to. the burnside puts you in a little more control even when you let it play fast. i personally like the avalanche’s shape a lot better. i also like the feel, but i am one of those guys who enjoys a little vibe on the string. To conclude, i think that the avalanche is a tad better than the burnside, which is saying a lot, considering that the burnside is easily within my top five, and is hands down the best budget throw i have ever tried.