One Drop Burnside or YYF Genesis?

I already own a few YYF throws, a dv888, a popstar, and a whip. any suggestions from people who own some other YYF throws?




Burnside. Isn’t even close

I’ve never played a genesis, though I own many a yoyofactory. I can concur that the burnside is a great throw. One drop just totally nailed the weight distribution on it, all aspects of play seem well balanced. It’s also nice that it has the pyramatte finish which lends itself to nice grinds. I should mention that I didn’t find the 10 ball bearing to be any better than a regular flat bearing, so I have a konkave in mine. I just prefer centering to non centering.

I think i’ll get the burnside then. should i get a centering bearing to go with it or is that just your opinion?

Flat bearing IMO

Totally my opinion. Many, many people seem to love the 10 ball bearing. I only mention it because that’s how I play mine. I just don’t think it’s fair to tell someone a yoyo is great, meanwhile I’m not playing it stock. I pretty much use a centering bearing in every yoyo as a personal preference.

I love the burnside. It’s fine with the stock bearing, as many swear by 10-Ball, but I’m a Terrapin X wing cut bearings. Only $10 and the best I’ve used.

alright, i think i’ll get a terrapin x bearing, cuz i already have a crucial grooved one for my popstar that i can switch out. thanks for the help!

I’d go with Burnside because it is probably my Favorite OD throw besides the M1

I have both I like them both but on different days. Genesis once in a while burnside often.

well i guess you can’t buy a terrapin bearing on yoyoexpert, so guess i won’t get one

Leave the burnside stock, it plays godly right out of the box. :wink: