One drop bearing


So I just got a gauntlet and a top deck. Both feel great! I am not digging the bearings. Is it a cardinal sin to switch them out for string centering bearings? Everybody alway raves about the one drop bearings. I’m not feeling the flat bearin, never used one…


You could swap em with a CT or CTX if you’d like.


Heretic! Burn the heretic! Just kidding. You like what you like, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m happy to PM you an address where you can send those to make sure they’re disposed of properly.

Enjoy the new YoYos! Those are both great throws, in my opinion.


Andy, I appreciate the free disposal. I threw them in some other throws. Maybe they’ll grow on me. I can say they are super quiet!


I am one of those people that love the 10-Ball bearings. That being said, you should always set your yo-yos up the way you like, forget about everyone else’s opinions.


This ^


Of course, you can switch the bearing. After all, what you like is your preference. You don’t have to follow everyone else just cause they’re doing it. I don’t like flat bearings in anything but my OneDrop yoyos, like my Cascade.


It’s true that people tend to get that way about OD and their flats, and also YYF and their CTs. But switch for whatever.

I always put in profiled bearings. My Top Deck has a gold CT in it right now.


ended up with a CTX in my top deck and a CT in my gauntlet. They play extremely well IMO. The top deck is weird feeling possibly because of the different aluminum. It feels light but plays heavy, its pretty sweet.


I always play a yoyo stock for a bit. It’s a really odd thing. There are times that I love the OD 10-ball, and I never replace it. Other yoyo’s, for whatever reason, just didn’t care for it, but I’d take them out and put them in another yoyo and absolutely love it.


I like regular 8 balls.