What is your favorite size C yoyo bearing?

I enjoy “C” for just all round play but I also enjoy using an “A” every now and then.

Edit: Sorry sort of read over that and thought you meant something else…

I enjoy a flat Ten or Eight Ball.

It’s hard to say. I’ve got One Drop 10-Balls in my One Drop yoyos. I like it.
My DM2 I have a Terrapin X Wing-cut in it. I like that far better than the YYJ Speed bearing.
But, in my Speeder 2, I have the YYJ Speed Bearing in it.
Most of the rest are stock. I can’t say anything negative about the centertracks in my Protostar and Dienasty. Obviously, they were chosen to be in there for a reason.

But, if I have to choose replacement bearings, I’d probably go with various Terrapin X bearings. In fact, I’m putting some cash away for buying a bunch after Thanksgiving. Most will be flat Chrome X, some will be wing cuts. Since I have some Duncans I want to take care of, some A-sized bearings will be in that purchase too.

The good thing is you can get a nice selection of bearings for a decent price so you can swap stuff in and out and find out what you like best. Plus, you may find that some bearings work better than others in certain yoyos for you.

Remember, best we can give is opinion and preferences. There’s no defacto best. It comes down to what is best for you. All I can say is that I do like the terrapin X Bearings. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it. But, most yoyos come with a really good bearing so there’s really no need to upgrade or change unless you want to.

OD ten ball. It’s all ya need.

I enjoy any flat bearings. A,D,C. doesn’t matter.

my favorite C bearing is whichever happens to be in the yoyo I’m using at the time.

i like whatever bearing my yoyo comes with as long as its flat

I am constantly amazed at the attitude of: whatever bearing is in it is cool…

These are $100 yo-yos people!

Take out those garbage bearings that come with a lot of high-end throws and put a good one in and feel the difference!

I use what ever comes with the throw. Of course since I like them quieter, the center tracks and some YYJ’s get pulled out. For replacement ones I usually just go for the Aoda C bearings. They play pretty quiet and are the cheapest ones I can find. I don’t do competitions, so I am served fine for my casual play style.

I have tried kk, ceramic kk, yyj speed, terrapin x wing, crucial grooved, and regular flat c stock bearings and my favorite by far is my center tracs. I just don’t understand why they get so much hate. If I had to use a flat bearing then I would reluctantly go with an od 10-ball.

crucial grooved or OD ten ball

Ones that work. Generally I prefer flat ones…

Parts is parts. :wink:


As long as they spin really slow, are extra thin and filled with goo (or are altogether absent), I’m good.

OD ten ball

Ten ball. You just can’t beat it.

I <3 gold plated. It just works so good!