One Drop Bearings

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying the holidays and mystery boxes! In a recent trade, I received a bearing wrapped in super sticky tape. After taking it out and putting on my yoyo, it was super sticky and wouldn’t spin. I really want to throw the yoyo right now and don’t have a extra bearing to replace it with. As if to add insult to my injury, I dont even have the funds to purchase a good bearing for the new CLYW I am dying to try. If anyone happens to have an extra good bearing, like a One Drop, AIGR, Trifecta, KK, etc and wouldn’t mind parting with it, shoot me a PM and we can work out shipping. I can repay you by leaving great feedback and holding your name in high respect in the community and spreading the word of your kindness. Please help this season of giving and gift me a bearing! String is great too ;D ;D ;D

Just clean the bearing?

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No actually the bearing is like super low quality and is all black and the sides are coming apart. I don’t think I can save it

I’ve got some extra YYF Spec bearings that I’d be willing to part with. They’re not great, but they’re in good condition and spin plenty well enough to play with. Not sure you’re going to get anybody to send anything better for free. PM me if you’re interested, I can mail them on Monday probably.

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