One Drop 54 vs. Yoyofactory Superstar vs. Caribou Lodge Wolly Marmot

Which yoyo is the best: One Drop 54, Yoyofactory Superstar, and Caribou Lodge Wolly Marmot? Which is the smoothest, has longest sleep time, and tilts the least?

what is a wolly marmot?

there is no “best” they will ALL tilt, as its either your off center throw, or prescession that all spinning objects undergo. they have the sleep time you make em have. its your throw that counts. plus, sleep time doesnt matter.

  1. wolly :stuck_out_tongue: wooly lol :smiley:

2.I have the 54 and superstar and they are both good throws that will spin for way longer than you need them to. compare the shape size and look of the throws. What one makes you go :o :o :o

  1. I have not tried the WOOLY marmot but i hear it is awesome

Basically get what you want they are all awesome throws.

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YOu should get a Wolly Marmot. It has a great spin time. 54 is a good choice too, but Wolly Marmot is way better!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: