On a mission to study styles of the art.

So I had an idea, yoyoing is an art. Being infatuated with this art, I’ve decided to seek out players with unique styles of 1a/5a that would allow me to study and learn under them for maybe a week or less.

I can provide everything I need.
I can travel anywhere In the world.

Yoyoing is beautiful.

Pm me.

You should go on facebook and try contacting players whos styles you like

Wow! I envy you dude. If I have the means I would probably do that too.

Thanks, I’m dedicated to the idea of this.

I just need awesome willing players.

I don’t mean to brag ,but I see my 1a to be different from most. I would just be compelled to meet a fellow yoyoer who sees yoyoing as an art form. This is actually a very unique and innovative idea. What kind of yoyoers are you looking for? sponsored? or maybe just unique in any sense?

My style isnt really unique, just creative. This is really cool that youre able to do this man, best of luck

An awesome experience would be to go visit Chris and Jensen up at the lodge in Canada. Jensen has an extremely unique style, and Chris has got skill too! They’re always welcome to visitors too I’m pretty sure. Contact them and see!

You could even visit Andre too!

I’ll try and find kem and Chris’s Facebook.

Thanks for the positive response, I’ve been wanting to do this for sometime.

I’m looking for styles worthy of travel. Jensen is probably the best example of this.

I would hate to volunteer someone I’ve never even met… but, if you he would even let you, I would really suggest going to see Jensen Kimmitt. He is the master of the art that is yoyoing. He is the absolute best there is. And I’m sure Chris would let you visit the CLYW office, he’ll be there as that is where he is employed.

Chris is probably the easiest person to contact…Find the CLYW email on their website and email it saying what you want. Chris replies extremely fast.

Zammy has an interesting view on the subject, as well as a unique style.

Capes, I mean no offense by the following, but since we have a wide range of ages here on the forums (including some younger members) and you have no history on the forums yet…

Forum members should always be wary of hosting people you don’t know.

That said, on a more positive note, I would suggest you try travelling to contests. PNWR is coming up, followed by CalStates. Both are well attended, well organized events. You would meet not just one, but a whole array of world class yoyoers and be able to observe a wide range of styles. From there, maybe you could set up something more akin to lessons.

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PNWR would be a great place to go.

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Yep I’ll be derrrr.

Cant wait to see you there! Look for me, the names Mason.