OMG LOL! Blondes...


[facepalm]It’s ok, they come from a different dimension…[/facepalm]

Is this for real?

lol, it seems pretty legit.

I know it’s easy to over analyze stuff, but man…

There you have it. The speed of stupid is 80 miles per hour!

When we drive to Disneyland, it takes anywhere from 8-10 hours, but Mapquest says it takes around 6.5 hours. Of course, they haven’t factored in potty breaks, meal breaks(we tend to bring what we need to eat to save time, fuel stops, stretch your leg stops, traffic and weather as well as how fast traffic is moving in general.

My ability to run a mile never factored in, nor did how fast my tires are spinning.

Must sucks though. When that guy has to stop and put some air in his tires, he probably has to give her a blast in each ear to give her a re-fill.

But you cut it in half! :slight_smile:

This is embarrassing. I’m blonde and I I cant stand when people think of blondes as not smart… well, I guess some people are just born with no math skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda have to be the person who says…this is stupid.
But it’s stupid because it is singling out people with blonde hair as if their hair color has something to do with their intelligence. And that, joking or not, is discrimination. And I can’t stand for discrimination. A lot of people are bad at, and have a hard time understanding math, and to a lesser extent, simply the way things are worded. So I really don’t see the comedy in this.

I am blonde myself, and am very good at math.

But yeah, I have to be the person who goes there. Attributing her hair color to her misunderstanding and or lack of intelligence (which this doesn’t really show), is simply wrong.


I found it funny.

It is not funny because she is blond. (Some people may think that.)

It is funny because she was completely wrong.

Why the heck would she cut it in half??




I know have heard my maths teacher talk about people like this but using the reverse of the question:

“how far would you travel in an hour at 80 mph?”

And it is surprising how many people that can’t answer. You just have to wonder what their though process is?

Yeah. I mean, like to me, it makes sense right off the bat. 80 Miles per hour, 80 miles in 1 hour. But I guess the way it’s worded, some people just don’t understand the question being asked, so I think it’s an issue of communication more than intelligence.

Being a blonde, I simply cannot be offended by this. It’s just a stupid girl, but you see stupid stuff all the time, like people who wonder why their computer won’t work when it isn’t plugged in, or reality TV. OR people who bleach their hair even though everyone can see fake blonde hair from miles away.

I don’t know about discrimination but… That got a giggle outta me. lol.

this couple was just on tosh.0 <-- show is hilarious

My new favorite youtube video of all time!

I don’t know who is more stupid, the blonde, or the guy.


Man… First necro in a while! I’ve been keeping the streets clean…

Excuse me miss, your brake light fluid is low!

About as bad as this girl I saw trying to shove coins in the dollar slot…I kid you not I was holding in my laughter with all my might. That’s just common sense, there was nothing wrong with her she just happened to miss the coin slot right next to the dollar spot.