Oldest competitors in the pro level?


Are there many yoyoers around 30 that are in the pro circuit? or had been? Just curious because I feel like by the time I would be ready to compete on that level I would be about 30, 25 now. Thanks just wondered.


2014 World Champion Rei Iwakura is 28 years old. Hiroyuki Suzuki and Shinji Saito are about 25.


Hank Freeman is 29 or 30. I am 32.

Age doesn’t mean much. It’s all about the work you put into it. The problem is that as you get older you have more responsibilities that are more important. Also, my body doesn’t allow me to stand there and yoyo for more than a 20 minutes before something starts to hurt. Everyone is different though.


Good thing I’m only 14. ;D