Old School Throwing

I want to see some old school throwing, I mean cheap stock plastics, Not you fancy dreadnoughts and what nots, I mean stock FHZ and other plastics that are responsve. Please post some NEW vids of you useing these old traits of the early years. Fixed Axels are more than welcomed too.
(This NOT a Contest by no means)
,Thank You,
;DBrayten ;D

I throw my fireballs around a lot. I break out my imperials from time to time, too. I think a misquito also counts, it’s close to the style.

If you want old school, type in ed haponik on vimeo with his no jive. That should work for you.

Where do you think I got the inspiration for this post? lol

definitely try out the renegade. One of my all time favorites!

cherry bombs for the win

Throw Monkey!