Memory Lane

Hey all,

Going through some of my old stuff, I found my first yo-yos! and a Kendama that I got from my aunt when she was living in Japan (its like 13 years old!) couldn’t find the ball though :/, and found some old school trick books, you know the yomega one is old because back then it wasn’t “Ooch”, it was Outch!

The Duncan Wheel plays very well in terms of balance! Cant sleep for a darn tho.

Just wanted to share! Any stories of old throws seeing daylight again, share them!


That’s awesome man! I started trying to get all of my old throws out of storage from before my unresponsive metal days and have found many i had when i was really young. I love going back to the old school style every now and then. Very nostalgic and relaxing. lol. I will try to post some pics later tonight.


I have the same Wheels and it sleeps incredibly. Check your axel. Nice stuffs nonetheless.