"Old Folks Who Can Sort of Throw" Vids and Voting! Division TWO


Let the battle begin! More complete details including prize list found at the original thread here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,61706.0.html

This thread contains videos for the “yeah, I’ve definitely been throwing longer than a year” division. But there’s a second poll! Please visit the thread for the “ehhh… about a year or less?” division, found here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,62984.0.html

Votes close at 7pm EST on July 3**, with the victor to be revealed soon thereafter!

**The forum software won’t actually let me set my optimal options…didn’t know, and didn’t want to hold off posting. Worst case scenario, I can lock the poll at the set time but the forum software forces the results to be revealed 3:25am July 4… darned technology… not sure if I can get the results early after locking the poll!

Voting guidelines
This shall be a “hidden” vote. We would love for anybody with a YYE account to vote and help crown the winner! Vote for whoever you want and for whatever reason you want (in the end, SSShshhhhhh nobody knows)! Be that as it may, in an ideal world, I’d love to encourage a quick read before voting:

  • The rules as stated were: more or less one minute of throwing 1A unresponsive; multiple throws allowed; no edits of the trick portion; music, intros, etc. are optional
  • Some of us made particular song choices making the videos not playable on mobile. Please find an “old folks” computer (laptop or desktop) to view all the videos if you wish to vote; it doesn’t seem fair to vote based on only 3 of 10 videos that you could view.
  • Music and “bonus footage” is for fun. The vote should ideally be based entirely on whose trick set you preferred. It’s that simple. Everyone has play style preferences; vote for whoever you enjoyed watching (but again, ideally for reasons relating only to the tricks).

To the vidos! (in no particular order)






(the forum software grabs the vimeo link and does some Flash-based embed stuff with it. If you can’t see it here, try just copy-pasting this into your browser to see beezy’s video: vimeo.com/69382050)


Awesome stuff!! It is cool putting a face to the names!!

I am not a happy camper about my music either!!! Oh well…


Hey, I know… tell us which song was MEANT to be there before the YouTube police ruined it for you (and starting at how many seconds into the song), and we can play it separately on our own machines to get the full feeling. :wink: Not even kidding; I am very curious to know what your perfect choice would have been!


Let it be known that I indeed messed up; slowyojoe’s was actually an “Eeeehhhh… more or less a year…?” category submission, but accommodating and simply awesome guy that he is, he never even asked for it to be moved over or anything. When I offered, he declined with his usual grace and humour and will stick it out against the “advanced” squad so that I don’t need to fuss with resetting polls and whatnot.

What a guy. Thanks for being you, Joe!


My song was “the joker” by The Steve Miller Band…

(Waylon) #6

It’ll be like playing Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz.


These videos are all really impressive, guys. Congrats!

(Jei Cheetah) #8

Beezy has the best overall yoyo control and flow.
Thus, he gets my vote.



Great work. I really enjoyed all of the videos. I think I’ll have to watch them again before I decide how to vote.


Yup. 10 times or so on repeat for me. :wink:


I voted for beezy. His tricks seemed to flow together the best. Also, he must OBVIOUSLY be Mark Montgomery in disguise, what with all those lindy loops.


Yup, had to watch them more than a few times to decide. That was tough. SlowyoJoe’s got some industrial-sized hardware for sticking it out with the more experienced guys. That Stealth Ogre moves a little faster than I thought it would. :slight_smile:


Yup, I used YouTube at first but they blocked the music, then Vimeo because they are not as strict with music (maybe that is why 365 yoyo tricks uses vimeo) but then the vid doesn’t always embed properly.

Really cool to see everyone throwing! And all the 80’s music! Mine is from the 70’s but maybe it should have been “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, or more seriously, the beginning of “Sweet Child O Mine” (yunguns, look those up and thank me later :wink: ).


Now that you mention it, it’s practically a crime that nobody used the beginning of “Sweet Child O Mine”!


Outstanding job you guys!! I really mean it. I’m inspired!


Ahem. Whilst I didn’t use the track, if you look closely, you can spot an original cassette of this at the beginning of my video.


I did see that! Meant to mention it.

Alright. I’m not letting it slip who I picked, but I had a few things I wanted to share about this set:

frodoslair: your command of frontstyle is exceptional. That … don’t even know what it’s called… 3-levelled front-style “Asian Pops” sort of thing blew my mind… and nobody should be allowed to Pop’n’Fresh that fast. Plus, just a lot of variety. Adding an intro and outtro without any actual edits was fun, too! :smiley:

fellavader: amazing stage presence! And a figure 8 that Jason Lee himself would envy. :wink: Dem regens… dat GT stop-and-go… I’m a sucker for stop-and-gos. Dose shades. Also, I find it surprisingly hard to concentrate when a) it’s a bit windy; b) my feet are anchored to an unconventional surface like a bench. Nutty!

slowyojoe: you unofficially WIN DIVISION ONE. I think anybody can see how I made that mistake and will forgive me for it. :wink: Some really interesting slacks in there, and all kinds of tech that I’m not even approaching yet. Plus chopsticks! I can’t even get into a chopsticks mount, never mind play around in there. All put together with a consistency of style and speed that made for seamless combos.

mgiroux77: so entertaining to watch. You have an ease and charisma that’s just compelling. Was it actually raining, or was that just drips from the roof? I got rained on a few times, too; wanted one of the “in the rain” ones to be the keeper, but alas it didn’t work out that way. GTs (and double-GT!) in bunches, the authoritative trick bind at the end, and of course the ending itself. Awesome.

beezy: the way you keep your hands positioned… takes a fairly common element (Lindy Loops) and turns it into something magical and exceptional. The illusion of “folding and unfolding” the string is captivating. And if that wasn’t enough, you then bust out some really impressive tech and slack work (that Follow!). Glad you broke your “never made a video in 4 years” streak. :wink:


^^ Thank you for those kind words!

Yea, it really is amazing to see how “different” everyone’s playing is. I don’t think any of us are ready to win world’s just yet, but it’s still amazing to see that unique flow (or do the kids call it “swagger” these days?) and style. It’s hard to pick a winner when everyone brings something different to the table :wink:


7 more hours to vote!


What’s the name of the trick beezy did where he sort of rolls the yoyo up the string with multiple loops then unrolls it back down? I need to learn that noise stat.