Ola! Chico 1962 Yo-Yo

I have come across 3 Ola! Chico 1962 Yo-Yos. They look the the picture only different colors. They are all in their original packaging. I can’t not find any value information on these anywhere online. Can anyone help me ? I would also like to know why it says Yo-Yo is crossed out.


Thank you!

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As far as the word yoyo being crossed out… Duncan filed a law suit against Royal yoyos (the maker of this yoyo) regarding using the word yoyo.

Not certain of value but I’m sorry to say my guess isn’t a lot.

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Thank you - that clears that up. :slight_smile:

This one might get $15 from the right buyer, but it’s not going to fly off the shelf. A lot of (non-Duncan) yo-yos in this era that bring more than $20-30 are marketing yo-yos like Coca Cola etc.

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