Two Duncan Super Tournament Tops Yo-Yo's. Made to 1950's specs with same materia

I’m new and trying to figure out how to use everything. These yo yo’s are sealed in the original packaging. Mast to the specs and with the materials of the 1950’s yo yo’s. They each come with a copy of the 1955 yo-yo trick book. You can type in the name of the model and get the whole company shpeel. I haven’t found anyone out there interested in them. I guess we are a different breed. I think they go for around $25 each. I have a red and black one, and a black and silver one. My name is Rich. If you have interest please send me an email, as I may. Ot be able to get the message off here, I’m still learning. my email is I am open to offers of less than $50, I just want to get a fair price. I will gladly ship them anywhere you are. Please ask any questions, or send me any comments you wish. Please spread the word for me to any possible buyers. I appreciate any and all help.