Heya friends!

All of these are for sale. If you’re interested, email me at AugieF@gmail.com for the quickest reply. I take paypal, money order, or check.

Augie Fash

Rare Chinese Offstring Yoyos:
These are quite difficult to find in the USA; I carried these back with me on the plane from China. They come with shims to adjust the gap for whatever play style you like.
I have 4 of these.

Modded Flying Panda:
Green. This is near mint and dual silicone recessed. Amazing for 5A and tech 4A.

Special Edition Freehand Zero:
This was made for the National Yoyo Contest 2007
Mint in Package.


Rare BC Lightening:
Mint in Package. These aren’t made anymore and getting extremely hard to find. Beautiful coloring.


Duncan Crew Mosquito:
Rare “Membership Pending” Edition

Special Edition Journey:
Nationals 2005 Dual Siliconed


Hyperwarp Heavy Wing:
Classic slimline yoyo. I’ve got 4 of these for sale. I can mod them for $2 each if you like.


Flying Panda:
These are no longer made. It’s yellow/green and in excellent condition. Great for Offstring and 5A


Duncan Wheel, Speed Racer Edition:
Awesome looking yoyo. I’ve got one out of package, and two mint in package.
$3 Unpackaged
$3.50 Packaged

Special Edition Russel:
Blue/Black. This was made for the World Yoyo Contest 2001. It is one of the best loopers ever made. Unlike most other Russels, this one is also take-apart.

Duncan Throwmonkey:
Black with Orange Rims. This is a fun yoyo with a comfy shape that isn’t made anymore. It’s used but in decent shape, and still plays great. Used.

I’ve got 3:
Neon Yellow/Green

$3.50 each or $8 for all 3

The Yellow/Green is modded, while the other 2 are stock.

Speed Beetle:
Great Condition, Half Yellow/Clear, Half Orange/Yellow

Shipping is 5.50 for the 1st yoyo, and $1 for every yoyo after that. If shipping outside the USA, contact me for shipping rates.
Thanks for looking!


where did you get half these yoyos!?
if i can talk my way into it with my parents
i am interested in the aquarius


I’ve been yoyoing for 13 years… :wink:


lol true.


so is this stuff still for sale?

(Mitch) #6

Augie… I’ll be PMing you around payday… But lets say I were to mail you a check for what ever purchase I made along with a YYE Augie Fash trading card and my G5 (or just half of it). Could I get them signed?


Yes, it’s still for sale!


Of course!

I’ll throw something else in even better too. =)

(Mitch) #9

You couldn’t hear me but I just squealed like a little girl… Probably around eight or nine years old… Your my favorite yoyoer. Its really a shame you werent at Nats… All your new tricks are looking great


Are these still for sale?

(Jei Cheetah) #11

Necro, don’t do this again.


(system) #12