Original Markmont, Punchline Repeater, Buzzons, BC, and More

Heya friends!

All of these are for sale. If you’re interested, email me at AugieF@gmail.com for the quickest reply. I take paypal, money order, or check.

Augie Fash

Red/Silver Splashed Punchline Repeater
This yoyo is new and in perfect shape, except for one tiny, tiny scratch on one rim (in photo).

Original Markmont
Yoyo is in good shape with a few light scratches on the rims (as shown in photo). Play is perfect.

Rare Buzzon Industries Nemesis
Red Buzzon Nemesis made for the National Yoyo Contest 2004. Super rare yoyo and a good player.


Rare BC Lightening:
Mint in Package. These aren’t made anymore and getting extremely hard to find. Beautiful coloring.


Special Edition Journey:
Nationals 2005 Dual Siliconed


Rare Chinese Offstring Yoyos:
Excellent players and hard to find in the USA!
I carried these back with me on the plane from China. They come with shims to adjust the gap for whatever play style you like.
I have 4 of these.

Dual Silicone Recessed Flying Panda:
Green. Amazing for 5A and tech 4A.

Shipping is 5.50 for the 1st yoyo, and $1 for every yoyo after that. If shipping outside the USA, contact me for shipping rates.
Thanks for looking!


New schwag added =)