Cheap 09 44 Clash Severe, OG MarkMont, Undeniable Genesis, Katz Meow 2010 Severe

Hola my friends!

I’m selling some yoyos and selling some yoyos for my friend Sam (hence some of the YoyoFactory’s).
Please take a look!

If you’re interested, email me at

44 Clash Severe

Super rare! I got this in a trade, and it’s one of my favorite yoyos. It’s lightly used with a couple small, light scratches. The balance is much better than on most 0f the 09 Severes. Smooth and agile, with the original hand-poured silicone installed.

Original Markmont

Plays fantastic and an absolutely beautiful yoyo. A few light scratches on the rim.

Katz Meow

Mint in box and super cheap! Great player for the price!

Undeniable Genesis

One of the best colorways of the Genesis ever made. There’s a few scratches on the rim, but it still plays quite well.

2010 Severe with Ceramic Konkave
Name says it all. …Rare 2010 Severe Upgraded with a ceramic Koncave. There’s a few scratches on the rim, but nothing affecting play.
Super cheap for $75.


$20 for the katz? What’s the diameter?

i will send u a 40 dollar gift card to best buy and a 2010 ilyy liopleradon it has 2 scratchs its super smooth its all orange it amazing

hey augie ;D , its carter and i was wondering if you will sell me the 09 severe at nationals cause i REALLY want it hahah :slight_smile:

hope to see ya soon

hey would you take 30$ for the markmont but i will ship you a beat up dv888 with hogwhips