Orange w/Blue Splash YYF Severe! (Only 12)

I have a Super Rare YYF Severe that I want to trade for something.
This is the Yoyojoes Edition Severe, and they only made 12 of these in the Whole World!
This YYF Severe, was actually made in the Yoyojoes Building, and Tyler Severance Actually made the Splashes on it Himself! It Plays Just as well as any other Severe!

Here are the Pictures!

This is Exactly What the Yoyo looks like!

Here are some things about this yoyo:

-Sleep Time: About 3 Minutes.
-Smoothness: 8/10
-Comfort in the hand: 9/10
-Overall: 9/10

Amazing Yoyo! I have a lot of Good Yoyos, But this Yoyo is like my Second Favorite! (First Favorite is my YYF MVP)

YYF Undeniable Green Genesis
YYF Primo Green-Yellow Acid Wash
SPYY Punchline Any Color except for Red
YYF Superstar Sorry Mark Edition
YYJ Night Moves 5 Silver with Gold Rims, or Blue with Gold Rims
YYJ Trinity Aqua or Blue
YYF Protostar Yellow
YYF 888 (Any Kind but 888x, Mostly looking for 07 888)

And, Please Make Sure that the Yoyo doesn’t have any Painting on it, and Also Make Sure that it Is Mint, or at least Close To Mint.

Thanks, And Good Luck to All!

I will also trade an Orange, Green, or Team Edition YYF DNA.

If you don’t have any of these yoyos, and you want this Severe, Just Please Offer.

07 b-grade 888??

how much money would you take for it? :slight_smile:

What is the least you would take for it and i can add one of my brothers 45$ yoyo and a little money for it.

I see that you are new here…but this thread is from JUNE of 2010. Probably not going to get a responce from the guy. Just check next time to see how old a thread is or at least the last post.