Looking for some New Yoyos.

I just have to find some new Yoyos to play around with.

Here is what Im looking for:

-YYF Protostar Yellow
-YYF 2010 Severe Blue Wavelength
-YYF Undeniable Green Genesis
-YYF DNA Orange, Green or Team Edition
-YYF 888 07 Aqua or Purple
-YYF Skyline Half Blue Half Orange
-YYF Primo Green-Yellow Acid Wash
-YYF Superstar Sorry Mark Edition
-YYF 2010 G5 Silver or Aqua
-YYF Lunatic Blue or Green
-YYF Hectic Half Blue, Half Green
-YYJ Eneme Black or Blue
-YYJ Night Moves 5 Silver or Blue with Gold Rims
-YYJ Trinity Blue or Aqua
-SPYY Pro Any Color
-SPYY Addiction Any Color
-SPYY Punchline Any Color Except for All Red
-SPYY SKYY Chaser Any Color
-SPYY Pistolero Blue
-CLYW Bassalope Offer Any Color
-CLYW Peak Fools Gold

Please be Mint or Close to Mint.

This is what I have to Trade:

-YYF Genesis Aqua Splatter Center Track Bearing Signed by Ann Connolly and Joe Wilson
-YYF Severe Orange W/Blue Splash (Only 12 Ever Made!)
-YYF Frantic Blue W/Orange Splash Center Track Bearing
-YYF 44 Purple Blue Swirl
-YYF 888x Purple W/Konkave Bearing and Yellow Hubstacks
-Dif-e-yo Juggernaught Black Konkave Bearing
-YYF Dv888 Orange

Thanks Everybody!

half orange half red 07 b-grade 888 with stacks for the severe??