yuuksta , super g yoyofactory FS/FT yyf starlite, yyf neon gm

Looking for purple wavelenth super g, ill trade my paul han eyyc super g for it
i want a yyf ann connolly yuuksta does anybody have one ill buy it.
yyf starlite used but with original box $20
yyf grind machine neon pink with original box $25

yyf protostar yellow
yyf yuuksta ann connolly, or with splashes
yyf northstar
anything yoyofactory metal and purple or pink with a splash
or ann connolly editions(i will buy whatever it is)

I have a hubstacked DV888. Its grey with white hubstacks, but i can throw in a few slick 6 purple strings if you want. I would trade it for that Starlite you got there :wink: heres a link

I’d get the GM, but I don’t like pink, sorry. :frowning: