Yoyos FS, some YYJ's

Hello everyone, I’ve been away from the community for the last 5-6 years. Kept the yoyos meanwhile and now I think is the right time that I should let go of them, so let me list them. (Can add or send photos if requested.) I haven’t set any price, so offer me what’s on your mind and let’s see if we can figure it out.

YYJ Synergy Prototype in Green, I also have a spare side in Dark blue which I’ll also give
YYJ Copperhead in Black, this one has the old Spinfaktor caps on it
YYF 888x in Blue, has a few small dings on it, I’ll also give one (NOT PAIR) red dice hubstack with it
YYJ Hitman in red, not mint really but in relatively good shape

You can contact me for any detail or offer, and by the way I’m located in Turkey so unfortunately PayPal isn’t available here. Thank you for your attention.

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